Air Brushing

It is a combination of work like Acid work, etching work with colour work on glass design, it is kind of work in which colour are more involved, we can use multi colour on a single glass design according to the customers requirement. It can be used in ceiling glass, windows, doors, wardrobe, partition glass etc.

Decorative Mirror

We offer a wide range of decorative mirrors for your bathrooms & dressing section we produce etching mirrors, Air brushing mirrors , stain glass mirrors , antic pattern mirrors etc. Bend Glass

Bend Glass

Just close your eyes & imagine a shape we are with you for implementation on glass, According to our customer requirement we are providing class in glass with unique shape & figures with different types of designs on glass.

Etching Glass

In the world of glass we offer you a another new creation of Modern glass, Glass furniture .Its used in centre tables, wardrobe, computer tables, CD case tables etc. In this range we fulfil all your requirements of furniture.

Crystal Glass Work

It is another type of Acid work, it gives you a bright & beautiful look for your partition glass, Door glass, wardrobe glass etc.

Bevelled and Polished Glass

In the world of glass we offer you most used creations of glass these days that is called bevelled glass and for edge finishing we provide computerised polishing work.